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Examples of the various
possibilities of production
for packaging

General description

The machine model T-H 15 to 36 STU are automatic horizontal, form ll and seal machine designed in both simplex and duplex version.
It can automatic form three and four sided sachets to pack a wide range of powder, granulated, solid, low and high viscosity liquid product.
Form a roll stock of thermo-sealable material, intermittent folds first the material into a ‘V’ and then forms, ll, and close the sachets, moving them as a group to the cutting station.

Depending on the products and application, can be coupled with:

  • Auger filler for powder products such as: instant coffee, pharmaceutical , ect….
  • Volumetric cup for granulated products.
  • Piston pump filler for low and high viscosity liquid product.

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